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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to "NAOVISION "

I'm a visual graphic designer based in the UK.

We work with music labels, and artists directly, and help them present their music with consistency across all assets. From album cover art to posters, online banners, music videos, and more –

Our services include:

Album, EP & Single Cover Artwork

Music Videos

Social Media & Web

Photography & Film

As a music lover, we appreciate how powerful it can be to find synergy between sound and vision, and love working with artists to help visualize their needs and concepts.

I normally listen to artists’ music before I start working on the artwork, and from there I visualize the pictures what brings out the best for the artists.

My graphic design experience and musical background combine well for such projects, and it feels exciting to have these different routes available to us.

Why the name NaoVision?

Simple, as my name is Naomi and I have plenty of ideas and visions,

so to cut my name in half makes it "NaoVision"



My work often features elements of bright colors with differing levels of abstraction,

which gives it an uplifting feel. I believe once an artwork is completed, and the artists are satisfied, which is very important, I feel happy too...

Get in contact to talk about your project or call me on +44 (0) 741 500 2380

Meet The Team

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