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RainbowFunk Music Productions




the company

Welcome to RainbowFunk,
an independent Soul /Funk Music Production Label, based in the UK.

A group of experienced & enthusiastic music writers who are

committed to creativity and innovation.

RainbowFunk encapsulates a wide range of music styles and genres.

Our foundation developed out of our love of music, especially soul and funk.  This led to us widening our thirst for growing a NuFunk style

and on to developing fusion music that is "RainbowFunk".

We combine recording, Producing, composing, creative writing, music video, graphics, all under one roof.  We produce all kinds of music globally, like Reggae funk, Soulful house, old school Funk, but keeping the funk elements in the groove… Furthermore, We enjoy making music…

We have also been involved in audio-related projects ranging from

radio jingle writing to film themes, so keep your ears to the ground)…



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Meet The Team

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Director of "RainbowFunk"

Music Producer & Production Coordinator

The Funk master behind the groove, badass bass and a great producer.

He has worked with a variety of well known artists around the world including Shalamar, Jocelyn Brown, Girls Aloud, Omar, Carleen Anderson, The Jones Girls, Erykah Badu, Brandy, Eric Bennet, Tito Jackson, D"Angelo and many others.


Sugar Rainbow

Founder and Director of the musical brand 'RainbowFunk'

Her creative craft started at a young age. Sugar always had lots of ideas, hearing melodies and finishing songs in her mind. 

She has worked with different artists. She is always on the lookout for new ideas and likes to mix different styles together to create something unique and unusual.

Pete funk.jpg


Director of 'RainbowFunk'

He serves as the Team Administrator, handling day to day operations.

He has worked and performed with International Jazz Day and various different bands, promoting music events and workshops. Also an experienced DJ with a focus on Music of Black Origin.

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Film Productions

Studio Production

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